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Here are some ideas for layouts

you can build with GarGraves products.

The items used to build these layouts may need to be cut to fit.

A detailed list of items needed can be provided by calling or e-mailing us.

This is an example of a layout on a 5' x 9' table. It is a basic loop with preformed curves and cut straights.

One #111 terminal section is also included.

The MSRP* for this is $191 using GarGraves Phantom Line with Tinplated outside rails

*Price is subject to change*

This is an example of a layout on a 9' x 13' table. This layout includes two 100" remote control switches, 72" and 80" curves,

and cut straight track.

The MSRP* for this layout is about $508.00 using GarGraves Phantom Line with tinplated outside rails.

*Price is subject to change*

The reversing loop on this 8 x 16 layout will allow you to change direction.
This layout can be built with GarGraves track and switches for about $1695 MSRP.
 Prices subject to change.

Build this layout on an 8 x 12 table. There's a lot going on in a small space.
Build this for about $1800 MSRP (prices subject to change)





Prices subject to change without notice

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