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GarGraves has been around since 1940. Born from an idea of Eldyn S. Graves, he partnered with Earle A. Gardner to manufacture and market this new flexible track. The company name comes from a combination of their names. Don Roder purchased the company in 1963 and it is now operated by two of his sons Mike and Tom. 

GarGraves track was originally available only in O gauge three rail with tin-plated rail. Then two rail and outside third rail were added to the line. In the early fifties the "Phantom" black center rail was introduced. By the end of the decade S gauge and Standard gauge track were also added to the line. 

The first switch was developed in the fifties as well and track became available with stainless steel rails for those who needed a rust resistant track. 

GarGraves continued to develop new products through the sixties and seventies. This included special gauge and multi-gauge track such as standard with O gauge; S gauge and O gauge; #1 gauge in both two and three rail and many other odd gauges and combinations. All of these are still available today. In the eighties we added uncouplers and uncoupler/unloaders to the line. 

Since then a line of sectional track has been introduced and is available in O gauge with either wood or plastic ties. Sectional track is available in S gauge and OO gauge with wood ties only. 

Our O gauge switches are being made to match our 42, 54 and 72 curved diameter sectional track. GarGraves manufactures a 100" switch as well. This switch unlike the others is measured as a radius. With it's nominal 200" diameter It is a great switch to use on a high speed mainline crossover!

In the last several years we have started making track end bumpers, insulating track pins and most recently we started making a 72 wye switch and power/accessory wires made with a variety of different connections already attached to the wire. See these items in our on-line catalog.



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