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 Item #  Z-Stuff for Trains - O Gauge Accessories    
DZ-1000 Switch machine & controller w/2 spring links (GarGraves and Custom switches)
each $33.00

Switch Controller w/red & green LED's

each $8.25
DZ-1003 Throw springs for GarGraves Switches Package of 5
DZ-1004 Throw springs for Curtis and Ross switches
Package of 5 $2.60
DZ-1005 Throw springs for Atlas O switches
Package of 5
DZ-1008 SPDT Relay Module
each $17.98
DZ-1010 Crossing Gate Set with 2 Block Signal Detectors
each $163.90
DZ-1011 Block Signal Detectors
Package of 2 $35.00
DZ-1012v Block Signal each $39.50
DZ-1015 Speaker, 8 ohm with enclosure
each $14.75
DZ-1020 Crossing Signal Set with 2 Block Detectors
each $126.50
DZ-1030 WigWag Signal with 2 Block Detectors
each $181.50
DZ-1040-LQ Semaphore Lower Quadrant
each $89.00
DZ-1040-UQ Semaphore Upper Quadrant
each $89.00
DZ-1050 Three Light Signal
each $73.00
DZ-1060 PRR Type Seven Light Position Signal
each $78.00
DZ-1070 Trackside Sensor with 2 Outputs
each $30.80
DZ-1075 Trackside Sensor w/0.9A Dual Solid State Relays each $42.00
DZ-1075M Trackside Sensor w/Momentary 0.9A Dual Solid State Relays each $42.00
DZ-1080 Color-position Trackside signal
each $77.00
DZ-1090-40U-2 Signal Bridge w/upper semaphore- 2 tracks each $198.00
DZ-1090-50-2 Signal Bridge w/3 color - 2 tracks each $182.00
DZ-1090-60-2 Signal Bridge w/7-light Pennsy signal 2-tracks each $190.00
DZ-1090-80-2 Signal Bridge w/Color Position - 2 tracks each $188.00
DZ-1200 Passenger Station Anouncment System
each $162.50
DZ-1205 Sensors (2) for DZ-1200
Package of 2 $8.50
DZ-1210 Barcode Supports for DZ-1200
Package of 2 $8.25
DZ-1215 Barcode Strips 1-set for DZ-1200
each $9.00
DZ-1220 Trolley Stop & Controller Announcement System
each $138.00
DZ-1240 Auto-Reverse w/Horn or Stop control
each $68.00
DZ-1260 Water Tower Animator (Sound & Control Module) each $74.00
DZ-1265 Diesel Fueling Station Animator (Sound & Control Module)
each $75.00
DZ-2001 Data Line Driver - TMCC
each $24.00
DZ-2500 Switch Machine w/DZ-2502 & GarGraves,Ross/Curtis & Atlas springs each $44.00
DZ-2502 Switch Machine Remote Controller
each $6.55
DZ-2503 Bag, 5 Springs #103 for Curtis & Ross Switches
each $1.98
DZ-2504 Bag, 5 Springs #104 for Atlas Switches
each $1.98
DZ-2505 Bag, 5 Springs #105 for GarGraves Switches
each $1.98
  Z-Stuff for Trains - S Gauge Signals
DZ-1040-S-LQ S-Gauge Semaphore - Lower Quadrant
each $89.00
DZ-1040-S-UQ S-Gauge Semaphore - Upper Quadrant
each $89.00
DZ-1050-S S-Gauge 3 Light Signal
each $73.00
DZ-1060-S S-Gauge PRR Type Seven Light Position Signal
each $78.00
DZ-1080-S Color- Position Trackside Signal S-Gauge
each $77.00
  Z-Stuff for Trains- G Gauge Signals    
 DZ-1060-G 7 Light Trackside Siganl G-Gauge
 each $79.50
 DZ-1080-G Color- Position Trackside Signal G-Gauge
 each  $79.50


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